Welcome to the Walla Walla Watershed!

The Walla Walla Basin Watershed Council was recognized by Umatilla County on May 18, 1994. Initially our focus was on the Oregon portion of the watershed and collaborating with partners in Washington.  Over the past 13 years our focus has broadened to encompass both the Oregon and Washington portions of the watershed.

WWBWC fosters education and cooperation among all parties with interests in the Walla Walla Basin Watershed. Such cooperation and education leads to efforts that improve and maintain a healthy watershed for fish, invertebrates, plants, and people.

The WWBWC has been recognized many times for its outstanding service to the watershed.  In October of 2006 WWBWC was awarded the Watershed Management Council's national Walter C. Loudermilk Award.

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The WWBWC Spring 2014 Newsletter is now available!

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New FEMA Flood Maps are now available!

What is a Watershed Council?

Watershed Councils are local, volunteer groups established to improve the conditions of watersheds in their area. The Oregon legislature authorized the creation of non-regulatory watershed councils. They offer local residents the opportunity to independently evaluate watershed conditions and identify opportunities for coordination and cooperation. Through the councils, partnerships between residents, local state, and federal agency staff and other groups can be developed. Through these partnerships and the resulting integration of local efforts, the state's watersheds can be protected and enhanced.  For information about the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) activities to protect and improve Oregon watersheds, click here.